Pardon the Interruption: A preview of KC Film Fest

Pardon the Interruption: A preview of KC Film Fest

You wouldn’t necessarily know it based on the fact that I’ve missed out on some of the most important films ever made, but I absolutely love movies. So I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to cover the KC Film Fest on Late to the Movies. This will be my first time attending KC Film Fest– in fact, I’ve NEVER attended a film festival– and I’m excited to have the chance to review new films and support the independent filmmaking community.

Last night, the fest hosted a media preview at AMC Ward Parkway 14. We got a sneak peek of 11 films and several shorts that will be showing at the festival. I really enjoyed watching the previews and I was so impressed with the content that I ended up changing my schedule around to fit in some of the films we saw last night. For now, I’m planning to see the following films and shorts:

The KC Film Fest opens April 11th and runs through April 15th. Ticket and pass information is available on their website– single tickets for movies are available as well! Are you planning to attend the KC Film Fest? Let me know what movies you’re planning to see!

[PS– My Twitter buddies Tyler and John will also be blogging throughout the festival. Definitely check out what they have to say about the event!]

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  • And when you see the short that opens for Corporate FM, you’re going to wonder why it wasn’t paired with Andrew Bird: Fever Year. I mean seriously, they both have colons in their titles.

    Your review of the Andrew Bird film is spot on. I’ve been wanting to see it at other festivals, and finally did at Phoenix FF. Loved it, and the concert footage was beautifully shot.


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