Late to the Schwing! A Review of Wayne’s World

Late to the Schwing! A Review of Wayne’s World

This is the inaugural post of LTTM, so…don’t hate. Since my friends were such a huge part of (harassing me into) getting this going, I felt that it was important for them to play some sort of role in the reviews. Some of my reviews will have prologues written by good friends of mine who are opinionated on this subject matter. Since he seems to feel the most strongly about me watching these movies, it is only appropriate that the Wayne’s World prologue is written by my friend Ryan (and I think he’ll be featured quite prominently throughout this blog).

Prologue by Ryan Stites:

“A gun rack… a gun rack. I don’t even own *a* gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack.”

Wayne’s World is easily the second best SNL-inspired movie ever (The Blues Brothers) and one of the most pop culturally influential movies of the early 90s. It laid the groundwork for Mike Myers’ ascension to the top of the comedy world (before his dramatic fall *cough* The Love Guru *cough*) with lots of the same style of joke that he perfected in the Austin Powers movies (See also: So I Married an Axe Murderer). Maybe it was a combination of growing up in the Chicago area and being a huge SNL fan, but this movie was a big deal when it came out. I know I’m not the only person that got into Queen (thusly banging my head during the guitar solo) because of this movie. It’s hard to separate nostalgia from fact, but in my opinion Wayne’s World has aged incredibly well in the almost 20(!) years since it came out. Not only that, it produced one of rare, genuinely good comedy sequels a year later.

(Unfortunately, while he certainly does know how to party, Alice Cooper is incorrect about the etymology of Milwaukee. I know. Crushing.)

On a “WHAT? You haven’t seen _____?!?” scale of 1-10, (10 being the highest level of shock, disappointment and sad), Wayne’s World gets a 9. Zero excuse and your life will be improved after seeing it.

LTTM review:

I think this movie was one of the bigger misses on my list. It’s actually something that I never worried about seeing because I watched it one time in high school French class. With English subtitles. But, you know…I still saw it. Right? Okay, it’s ridiculous that I’ve never seen this movie. Ryan is right, there’s no excuse.

But did you ALSO know that I’ve never actually seen a Wayne’s World sketch prior to seeing this movie? Yep, it’s true. I grew up under a rock. In fact, I was really surprised to find that Dana Carvey is actually the best part of Wayne’s World. That’s not to say that Mike Myers isn’t hilarious. It’s just that Dana Carvey is MORE hilarious. It’s the jaw.

The best thing about this movie is that when I was in second grade (which was when this movie came out), my mom made a puff paint shirt for me with the word “NOT!” on it. And I would walk around and say ridiculous things to people, and then flash my shirt with “NOT!” on it and run away cackling like a hyena. No wonder everyone at Rising Star rejected me by third grade. Anyway, it’s funny that I wore a shirt in 1992 and didn’t understand what it really meant until 2011.

I really loved this movie. I started to think fondly of Lara Flynn Boyle when I watched Twin Peaks a few years ago, and this movie sort of sealed the fact that I will guiltily adore her. I absolutely found myself drooling over Tia Carrere and her singing voice (Ballroom Blitz, seriously). I want to take a road trip to Milwaukee and arrive as the Laverne and Shirley theme song plays and then, you know, hang out with Alice Cooper. I enjoyed the small roles with babyface Ed O’Neill and Brian Doyle Murray. And most importantly, I got the T-1000 cameo because I finally saw Terminator 2 a few weeks ago! I win!

I think that after I look back on all of the movies that I watched as a part of this project, Wayne’s World will be one of my favorites. All I can really say is, “Asphinctersayswhat!”

Face palm moment: I turned to Kevin and said, “I can’t watch a Mike Myers’ movie and not see Austin Powers. It’s weird.” I think he wanted to kill me.

Favorite part: BY FAR, Garth dancing in his lady dream to “Foxy Lady.” I found a YouTube video where some dude taped the scene off of his television and I’ve watched it everyday since first seeing the movie.

The “I missed that in pop culture trivia” moment: They said “that’s what she said” before The Office did. Also, Babe-raham Lincoln. And finally, “Do you have any Grey Poupon?” I said that very often while I was a kid, even though I had no idea where it came from or what it meant.

Regrettable tardiness scale: One hundred bajillion. I feel sad that I spent so long missing out on this movie. Additionally…I apparently have a lot of SNL to watch.


  • Given your list(s) and inspiration for this blog, I shouldn’t be surprised that you haven’t seen ANY of the OG Wayne’s World sketches (I *think* you saw the “reunion” on this past season)…but here we are…

    Looks like the online selection is pretty sparse, but this is one if the best (if not *the* best) ones:

    I know you have twenties of movies to watch, but you really should prioritize the sequel. A lot of fun.

    • Right – the Grey Poupon thing FIRST first came from the actual commercials they ran. They were tongue-in-cheek, GP knew they were ridiculous, but they were so dumb. We got lots of mileage out of them back in…… hrmphhhrph grade.

  • omg so with you on fawning over tia carrere. annnd lfb. i mean, c’mon. they just janked her up to look like a ’90s lame-o. the multiple endings? with the label honcho? SO VERY STOPPARD AMIRITE (i’m wrong)

  • I hated the first Austin Powers movie the first time I saw it, probably because I preferred to think of Mike Myers as Wayne or Charlie from “So I Married An Axe Murderer.” I guess it all depends on seeing Myers’ work in order.

  • I remember using the “CAR! … Game on!” line on you once, and you had no fucking clue what I was talking about. I thought my joke had failed, but the truth is that I am funny and you had a childhood absent of Wayne’s World. Party on, Laura.

  • Isn’t it weird that we are looking down on Wayne’s basement. Only that’s not Wayne’s basement. Isn’t that weird?

  • Excellent!

    Great start to a wonderful concept for a blog. I was so happy when Dana Carvey came back and hosted SNL that they had Wayne’s World. Even though they were both totally old, I still laughed at the skits that I’d laughed at forever. In fact, you should go back and find as many of the pre-film Wayne’s World sketches that you can. Then re-watch the movie and see if it is funnier.

    Also, Wayne’s World 2.

  • “Why is it, that if a man kills another man in battle it’s called heroic; yet if he kills a man in the heat of passion, it’s called murder?”

    Now you have to see WW2! Love reading about this (and hopefully many other) classic through fresh, adult eyes.

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