Late to the F word? A lazy review of Goodfellas

Late to the F word? A lazy review of Goodfellas

[Editor’s Note: This is how the story goes. I love Goodfellas and had only ever seen it on basic cable. I got yelled at.]

Prologue by Ryan Stites:

Now go home and get your fuckin’ freaking shinebox.

On the shortlist of “terrible movies to watch on basic cable”, Goodfellas is at the very least in the top 10. While not as violent as RoboCop or having one line that sticks out as an especially terrible edit (we’ll touch on that when Laura gets to Die Hard 2 in 2017, Mr. Falcon), the 300 (good for 2.06 uses per minute) times “fuck” is uttered makes it near unwatchable on TV. The violence is more or less intact except for a few quick cuts, but the dialogue just gets destroyed. I’m not one that needs Kevin Smith-levels of gratuitous swearing, but it just gets a little ridiculous with movies like this (FWIW- Casino clocks in with 398). Worse than badly dubbed edits are commercials breaking up the flow, especially in the “helicopter sequence”. Part of what makes that so great is the frantic paranoia and rapid pace.

On a “WHAT? You haven’t seen _____?!?” scale of 1-10, (10 being the highest level of shock, disappointment and sad), this one was tough. I think I have to give it a 4 just because it is pretty crazy not to have seen it unedited after all these years, but at the same time, given what she hasn’t seen…I can see how it wasn’t a priority to watch something she had seen the 75% version of.

LTTM review:


I can appreciate that there is a lot to be missed on basic cable versus seeing the actual movie but… I missed several uses of the F word. And when Tommy gets killed, you see the blood squirt out of his head. That’s about it. I don’t really get Ryan’s outrage. I’m not complaining, because I like the movie and don’t mind watching it, but… I got almost the entire story and effect from watching it on AMC several times.

Overall, I still love, love, love the movie but I don’t feel like I missed much.

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