Late to the Scary Movies! A review of [REC]

Late to the Scary Movies! A review of [REC]

Angela: We have to get everything, Pablo. Every goddamn thing.

The bad thing about procrastinating is that you have to compromise sometimes, and it sucks. Well, I waited until the last minute to finish up all of the movies I planned to watch for Scary Movie October. Unfortunately I’ve run into a few snafus because I’m a terrible planner. I’ve been trying to watch Videodrome on Netflix Instant all day and –shocking– it doesn’t work. So I decided to watch [REC] instead since it’s ALSO on my list.

This led to a MAJOR problem. The iTunes versions and Amazon Instant Video versions are both dubbed over in English, and I couldn’t find a sneaky Internet download that was subtitled in English. Shoot.  So… long story short, I watched the dubbed version. And yeah, I think the movie may have lost its effectiveness because it was driving me nuts that her mouth was not moving along with the words. Moreover, the English voices were just terrible and very awkward. Parts of the movie felt a little like something out of Mystery Science Theatre for a minute or so.

I still thought this movie was pretty scary. It’s another movie in the “Lost Footage” genre. I’m not the biggest fan of those movies (I fell asleep while watching Paranormal Activity in the theatres) but this one definitely made me jump in my seat a few times. There’s a particular scene towards the end that made me scream, and I’m really not the type to react that way to a movie. I can usually sense a cheap scare coming a mile away and I still managed to have some very dramatic reactions to this movie.

It’s only 78 minutes long so you don’t have to invest a ton of time into it, and I think it’s fun to keep so nervous and freaked out that you suddenly find yourself squirming and biting your nails. However, there are a few caveats to this movie I want to mention.

  1. You’ve definitely seen this plot before. It’s nothing new, and if anything they begin to explain why (what happens in the movie) is occurring but don’t explain it all the way. I tend to hate half-assed explanations. Just explain it all the way or leave it as a complete mystery.
  2. This is not a GOOD film. If you are looking for a creative plot or some incredible acting or cinematography, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a cheap scare and want to feel tense or nervous through most of the movie (rather than the very ending, like Paranormal Activity), this is the movie for you.
  3. Keep in mind, if you got sick watching Blair Witch Project DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. It is twenty times shakier (particularly at the beginning) and unclear as to what is going on on the screen. I think this tended to keep things really dramatic and add to the terror in the movie, but someone like my dad who gets extreme motion sickness would not last five minutes while trying to watch this.
  4. Perhaps you should try to find the original with English subtitles. I think that watching this without the goofy voices would have made this go over better with me.

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