Late to the Scary Movies! A review of Don’t Look Now

Late to the Scary Movies! A review of Don’t Look Now

Heather: Fetch him back! Let him not go! 

It’s always good to have good friends with good taste who really understand you. My friend Steve (who has known me for eight years) recommended that I watch Don’t Look Now. Although I don’t think he ever told me why he thought I might like it, I suspect it’s for the following reasons:

  1. Donald Sutherland is in it, and I’m on record as saying that I believe Donald Sutherland is a super attractive young/old man.
  2. Don’t Look Now is adapted from the short story by Daphne du Maurier. She also had a novel and a short story adapted into films that were both directed by Hitchcock— “The Birds” and “Rebecca.”
  3. There are a lot of Hitchcockian techniques in this movie. Mistaken identity, an accused innocent man, the chase scene at the end, the common thread of a color (red, in this instance) and one of my favorite things Hitchcock does– a scream transitioning into another noise (in this instance, Julie Christie‘s scream cuts into a noise from a drill).
  4. I love a GOOD horror movie that is incredibly suspenseful. That’s why I love Hitchcock movies. Movies like Amityville Horror where the suspense is not that gripping (seriously, goo coming out of a wall doesn’t really freak me out) fail to capture my admiration.

He probably didn’t know this either, but Julie Christie was Lara in Dr. Zhivago, one of my favorite old movies. This was another plus for this film.

The plot reminded me a lot of Antichrist (but, you know, a lot better and without any genital mutilation), focusing on a couple and their grief after their child dies. Laura and her husband John are in Venice after their daughter Christine’s death and Laura meets two sisters there, one of which is blind and psychic (Heather). Heather has contact with Christine and relays that Christine insists that John is in danger. In the meantime, John is haunted by his daughter as he keeps seeing things that remind him of her and her death, like a small child in a red coat (like the one Christine was wearing when she died) running through the streets of Venice.


The movie starts out to be a little confusing, but everything is answered by the end. Don’t Look Now is a horror movie but in a different sense than what you would expect from, say, Halloween or The Exorcist. I would absolutely recommend this movie to anyone interested in mystery, suspense or a plot with a supernatural focus, and I’d particularly recommend it to someone looking for a film which is a work of art in itself.

And yes, I know that I sound like a pretentious jerk there. Just believe me and try it out, please.

Face palm moment: None really, but I did spend a lot of time after this movie wondering if the ending of Blair Witch Project and several themes in “Twin Peaks” weren’t somewhat inspired by this movie.

Favorite part: My favorite “part” is more about the use of strong themes in this movie. You see a lot of red and a lot of water (and eventually different things being pulled out of the water) and I liked how that continued throughout the movie.

The “I missed that in pop culture trivia” moment: When Steve mentioned this movie, the name seemed familiar and I was trying to think of how I had heard of it. WELL, it has THAT sex scene where it looked so real that there’s still a lot of debate as to whether it was simulated or for real. And Donald Sutherland was involved. Uh huh.

Regrettable tardiness scale (out of 10): 9/10. It’s a movie that I’ll definitely watch again.

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