My name is Laura. How do you do?

Hi there.

Hi there.

I am a 29-year-old female native Kansan living in Austin, Texas. I spend my time hanging out with my husband Kevin and my pets and my allergies.

I love many things, including Jelly Belly jelly beans, non-fiction books, Days of Our Lives, sunflowers, college sports, the Chicago Blackhawks, gaudy jewelry, spin class and socks. I do not enjoy cooking or vacuuming. In my spare time, I am a volunteer behavior team member at Austin Pets Alive!

My favorite movie is Being There. I also really love Back to the Future, Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Christmas Vacation, Young Frankenstein, Ghostbusters II, Midnight in Paris, There’s Something about Mary, Speed, Field of Dreams and Casino (although I’ve only ever seen it on tv). I can quote Bring It On and Zoolander from start to finish. Hey, no one ever said I had amazing taste.

Outside of blogging here, I tweet. A lot. I also blog on Tumblr, but if you follow me there you’ll have to put up with my incessant reblogging of cute cat pictures.


  • Hi there Laura,

    I’m really diggin’ your blog! A very enjoyable read and I’m really happy to now be a follower.

    Plus, anyone who gives love to the second Ghostbusters film is awesome in my book!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Laura,
    I think this blog has such a great concept. As a film student, I’m into combating “film shaming,” or making people feel bad about what movies they’ve missed. No matter how “classic” something is, there are so many films out there that one is bound to miss something over the course of a lifetime. I just watched the Godfather and Raging Bull for the first time in the last month, and both of those were amazing cinematic experiences I wouldn’t have appreciated as much as a high school or college student. I hope that we can get to a point where we can stop saying “You haven’t seen (blank)?!” As one who is consistently “late to the movies,” I’m looking forward to reading your impressions.


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